About the Company

Abr Al Japan is a leading Dubai-based tyres auction company in Sharjah. The company specializes in Japanese used auctions from almost every automobile maker around the world.

We supply not any kind of used tyres, we supply GOOD QUALITY used tyres.

Customer satisfaction is our goal and if you are looking high quality used passenger car tyres, Abr Al Japan can supply you 40ft container load every month.

Sizes from 12R to 16R ( both Summer and Winter Mix ) with tread depth of 50% upwards.

Abr Al Japan can provide the largest quantity of Japanese used tyres available in the Japan market. We can deal you the best quality. Japanese used tyres which still have long life and can be used for many years to come. Just let us know the quantity and sizes of the used tyres. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our Stock

Abr Al Japan has thousands of used tyres in stock at almost every moment of time. With stock that huge, we guarantee lowest prices keeping the highest standards of quality intact. If you’re looking to high quality used Japanese tyres for your car, take a look at our stock by clicking the link below:

Abr Al Japan Tyres Auction Stock